Broden Murray

Head of Technology

“I’m eighteen, and I've lived my whole life in Carmel Valley, CA. I’m a senior at Carmel High School, and I hope to go on to study computer engineering for years afterwards. Computers have been a part of my life since I could read. For research, gaming or personal projects, they always keep me busy. I've worked with Java, HTML and Python; I’ve built a drone, a few wheeled robots, and some fun Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects. Right now I lead the code team for our school's robotics club. 

In 2017, my church mission group asked me to go to Haiti with them, to help implement a new computer lab for a school they've supported for 30 years. My older sister had gone two years before, so I was curious to experience it. Living in Haiti is difficult, and it hit me hard. But there I met James, co-founder of the project. Our shared love for technology, and what technology means to kids in Haiti, brought us together."