Broden Murray
Technology and Fundraising Coordinator

“ I've lived my whole life in Carmel Valley, CA. Computers have been an engaging part of my life since I could read. For research, gaming or programing projects, they always keep me busy. I've worked with Java, HTML and Python; I’ve built a drone, a few wheeled robots, and some fun Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects. I have led the code team for our school's robotics club. In Haiti, none of these opprtunities to engage technology are available to students. In 2017, my church mission group asked me to go to Haiti with them, to help implement a new computer lab for a school they've supported for 30 years. Living in Haiti is very difficult, and it hit me hard. But there I met James, co-founder of this project. Our shared love for technology, and what technology means to kids in Haiti, brought us together."