James Declerus

Operations Coordinator

“I am from a community in the Haitian countryside called Lamarre. I moved to Hinche, the capital of the Central Plateau to live with my grandparents and attend a secondary school called Lycee Dumarsais Estime. I come from a long line of educators and they place extreme value on education. 

At 14 years old, I saw for the first time a computer at my school. Since this moment I fall in love with computer science. I have completed a bachelor’s degree this year in Computer Science from Ecole Superierue D’Infotronique d’Haiti. It was always my dream to return to my hometown and provide opportunities for other students to learn about technology. My greatest wish is to see that more young people have access to computers and internet. Because once a computer is connected to the internet, it is a mobile university, a way to earn a living, it’s a world to discover.”