Bwa pi wo di li wè lwen, men grenn pwomennen di li wè pi lwen pase l

"The tallest tree says that it sees far, but the seed that travels says that it sees even further"

What is KrikKrak?

KrikKrak Computer Project believes in the power of technology and information literacy to bring equity to education, economic opportunity and human rights outcomes throughout Haiti.

We envision an affordable model of delivering technology and information literacy to the rural primary school children of Haiti’s Central Plateau, and, ultimately, beyond. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and experience that empowers young students to seek solutions to the challenges they face and to give them the means of achieving their own goals, both now and for future generations.



The name of this project is based on the Haitian call & response meme used in storytelling, where the storyteller will announce his or her intentions to a potential audience by proclaiming “Krik?”, at which time the receptive group of listeners will answer “Krak!”.  KrikKrak Computer Project has a story to share, and we know the students are ready to receive it.