Marcus Lo

Head of Operations and Finance

"I am the financial director of Krik Krak, and I am from Pebble Beach California. I'm devoted to expanding a social network that provides low-income communities and orphanages with technological opportunities. I helped launch Krik Krak in 2020 to give children a chance to explore technology and innovation. I have worked with numerous non-profit and profit organizations to operate product distribution, corporate finance, and strategic marketing. I have received many experiences working in real estate investment firms and health clinics. My life experiences and financial knowledge have led me to guest speak at high schools and community organizations. My career as an entrepreneur touches in many fields. I am a strong advocate for technological innovation and financial literacy. Besides directing Krik Krak, I have launched four businesses specifically in the field of mobile app development, education, film production, and augmented reality. Taking on the prime role of finance and management has allowed me to work with student entrepreneurs to help them achieve financial freedom."