Computer Lab

​Mobile, 15-laptop lab with offline internet device for intensive month long computer education curriculum. Tech education for  rural elementary schools.


Offline Internet/

Digital Library


Internet-in-a-Box, powered by a low-maintenance Raspberry Pi, allows internet-like access to educational resources like Wikipedia, Khan Academy and the Gutenberg Digital Library.

Teacher Education

Teacher education by our technology trainer sparks the whole school community to prepare for tech opportunities.


Extracurricular Support

Phase two goal: to create relationship with Hinche's new regional library to offer Saturday classes for students to continue to pursue knowledge and skills in computers and technology.

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We use hands-on instruction to educate primary school children in the rural Central Plateau of Haiti. We teach computer literacy for information access, responsible digital citizenship, and the development of employable skills to take advantage of educational and economic opportunities in the digital age.

We envision an affordable model of delivering technology and information literacy to the primary school children of Haiti’s Central Plateau and ultimately, beyond. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and experience that empowers young students to seek solutions to the challenges they face and to give them the means of achieving their own goals, both now and for future generations.