James Declerus

“I am from a community in the Haitian countryside called Lamare. I moved to Hinche, the capital of the Central Plateau to live with my grandparents and attend a secondary school called Lycee Dumarsais Estime. I come from a long line of educators and they place extreme value on education. 

At 14 years old, I saw for the first time a computer at my school. Since this moment I fall in love with computer science. I have completed a bachelor’s degree this year in Computer Science from Ecole Superierue D’Infotronique d’Haiti. It was always my dream to return to my hometown and provide opportunities for other students to learn about technology. My greatest wish is to see that more young people have access to computers and internet. Because once a computer is connected to the internet, it is a mobile university, a way to earn a living, it’s a world to discover.”

Haiti Community Liaison • Rural School Liaison • Curriculum developer • Website designer

Broden Murray

“I’m seventeen and I’ve lived my whole life in sunny Carmel Valley, CA. I’m currently a junior at Carmel High School, and I hope to study computer engineering at a university.

I’ve been fascinated by computers ever since I could read: whether for research, gaming or personal projects, I keep myself busy. In software, I have experience with Java, HTML and Python; in hardware, I’ve built a drone, a sumo robot, as well as Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects. I’ve also hosted my own game server and programmed for our high school robotics team. 

In 2017, my church mission group asked me to go to Haiti with them to help implement a new computer lab for a school they've supported for 30 years. My older sister had gone two years before, and now it was my turn. Living in Haiti is difficult, and it hit me hard. But there I met James, co-founder of the project. Our mutual drive for technology, and what technology means to kids in Haiti, brought us together.

US Community Liaison •  Equipment Acquisition • Offline Network Manager • Social Media • Project Plan Editor

Offrey Gorlonne

"My name is Gorlonne OFFREY, originally from Hinche, I was born on October 14, 24 years ago from a family of 3 children of which I am the eldest. I did my secondary studies at the Lycée Dumarsais Estime de Hinche, I am an Agronomist by training, studying in the 3rd year Economic Sciences but above all humanist. At the same time, I had several certificates, notably in office automation, entrepreneurship, video editing, survey with sphinx, FDF. For 4 years I have been a math teacher in several establishments in the city and for 1 year teacher in computer science. During my years of study and teaching, we are unanimous in recognizing the importance of computers in both educational and private activities. However in Haiti mainly in my commune (especially in rural areas) young people do not master technological tools, including the advantages. Faced with this problem, I always dream of making my contribution in order to improve the situation of future generations. Since childhood, I have always had a soft spot for technology."

Haiti Community Liaison • Rural School Liaison • Computer Teacher-Technician • Curriculum developer

Marcus Lo

"I am the financial director of Krik Krak, and I am from Pebble Beach California. I'm devoted to expanding a social network that provides low-income communities and orphanages with technological opportunities. I joined Krik Krak in 2020 to give children a chance to explore technology and innovation. I have worked with numerous non-profit and profit organizations to operate product distribution, corporate finance, and strategic marketing. 


I have received many experiences working in real estate investment firms and health clinics. My life experiences and financial knowledge have led me to guest speak at high schools and community organizations. My career as an entrepreneur touches in many fields. I am a strong advocate for technological innovation and financial literacy. 


Besides directing Krik Krak, I have launched four businesses specifically in the field of mobile app development, education, film production, and fashion. Taking on the prime role of finance and management has allowed me to work with student entrepreneurs to help them achieve financial freedom." 

US Community Liaison • Financial Executive • Social Media Manager • Marketer •  Accountant • Project Manager • Operations and Distributions Manager • Board of Directors

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