• Broden Murray

Moving Forward

If you contributed over $30 to our fundraiser and have not yet responded with your mailing address, please do so! We have more than enough Be the Change bracelets ready. We want to share the same love you gave to us.

This fundraiser concluded wonderfully: $2,135 towards laptops, wages, and shipping. We're grateful as always for the kindness all around us. We were also expecting to receive a $750 grant this month, which was postponed, so we will continue to look for other methods of support. This brings us to the next topic.

Our goal is to not let the pandemic slow us down. Though it has not yet reached the country, Haiti is at a higher risk for transmission and severe illness. We anticipate difficulty in transport and access to schools, but we will still continue our plans for deployment, as long as our actions don't endanger any participants. We pray that our partner schools will not be so heavily impacted as US schools have been by June, but above all we pray for every Haitian's health and safety.

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